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David has always been.....

Blah blah blah. This is where you have someone talk real good about how cool you are, and how smart you are, making everyone wanna do business with you.  



What's your favorite....?
Chief Executive Officer

David has always been into things with wings, wheels and propellers. 

Skyveyor founder David Boland is an entrepreneur, former venture capitalist, and career Marine aviator.

Although he's had his fair share of aviation-related adrenaline rushes, he really thrives on solving problems that require creativity, ingenuity and new perspectives. Recognized repeatedly for his ability to deconstruct complex issues, convey knowledge and motivate cross-functional work groups, David has been leading teams to exceed performance standards for more than 25 years.


While studying aerospace engineering at State University of New York at Buffalo, he landed a coveted aviation slot with the US Marines, flying F/A-18s. As he accrued nearly 3000 hours in the Hornet, the Top Gun graduate held numerous leadership positions in multiple squadrons, many of which he was responsible for millions in assets and personnel.

Shortly after earning his MBA from Cornell University, he was recruited by a venture capital firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He left the Santa Fe firm to consult with an Albuquerque aviation start-up, then became a partner at New Mexico Mezzanine Partners, LP, an early-stage private equity fund. He was intimately involved with all aspects of the fund. His daily responsibilities included sourcing deals, due diligence, deal structuring and managing portfolio companies.


David's extensive leadership, aviation, and business experience combines with his penchant for solving problems. His goal is to make Skyveyor your partner in addressing your most critical data challenges.   

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