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 Better data. Certified.

Maybe we're control freaks, but it benefits you when you need certifiable data. We can't help ourselves, we are obsessed with delivering high fidelity data to our wireless, energy, transportation, land management, emergency response, engineering and environmental clients, so we meticulously control every aspect of data acquisition and analysis.


With thousands of drones being registered with the FAA by hobbyists, aviation enthusiasts, and agressive startups looking to capitalize on early adopters' naivete, it's tough for clients to determine the best service provider. Well-meaning people without key experience inadvertently introduce a lot of errors that compromise the integrity of the data sought. 


Sometimes clients can't tell the difference until it's too late.  What makes us different from others who fly drones, take pictures, and even offer 3 D modeling, photogrammetry and mapping services? Our integrated approach combines at least three different industry expert perspectives to reduce data compromising errors.  


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