We're strategists, aviators, surveyors, designers & engineers.

Serendipitously united by intellectual curiosity, professional reputation and an uncanny ability to creatively address challenges from surprising and useful perspectives, we offer far more than our collective 150 years of expertise in aviation, surveying, RF engineering, project management, and problem solving. We each bring a few decades' worth of tales from professional exploits in air, on land, and at sea. From regularly breaking the sound barrier at mach speed to laying the groundwork for one of the world's most significant cosmic discoveries, to humbly accepting the unsung hero's role in connecting every status-updating social media inclined sports fan tweeting, snap chatting, and Facebooking at live sports arenas around the United States.  


Our instinct is to innovate. 
We thrive on challenge. 

We're easy to work with.

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