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Skyveyor founder David Boland is an entrepreneur, former venture capitalist, and career Marine aviator.

Although he's had his fair share of aviation-related adrenaline rushes, he really thrives on solving problems that require creativity, ingenuity and new perspectives.


Recognized repeatedly for his ability to deconstruct complex issues, convey knowledge and motivate cross-functional work groups, David has been leading teams to exceed performance standards for more than 25 years.

John's extensive network and industry knowledge makes all the difference to our stakeholders. He advises regarding technical needs, financing, RFP development and response review, contract negotiations, technical design review, construction inspection, and final RF testing.

From consulting in the public safety sector to conducting long-range planning for public communications system deployments, John brings a clear understanding of the technical and financial complexities of the current DAS market place. He assists our clients in getting maximum benefit from both the deployment of wireless service and the financial opportunity it represents.

Randy's knack for making things work consistently gets amazing results. Like the time he helped scientists detect gravitational waves from the collision of black holes, confirming a major prediction of Albert Einstein's 1915 general theory of relativity. 

Randy lights up when asked about projects like this, but you have to ask. He's a no-brag kind of guy, but it doesn't take long to figure out that behind that friendly, easy going persona is pure genius.

Randy is Skyveyor's Surveyor of Record, UAS Systems and FAA Compliance Coordinator, and all around McGyver-like team member. 

JOHN GOLDEN puts his 25 years in telecom, energy and utility project management to work for every Skyveyor client.


He works closely with your team to identify your project needs, and assists in all phases of planning, risk management, and project evaluation...then he masterfully designs project plans that tame the most complex details, budgets and timelines. His ability to manage complicated projects saves time, money and manpower. 

Jon has over 25 years’ experience solving public and private radio telecom networks and RF spectrum challenges. Specializing in design and development of complex wireless communications systems, projects include complete system design and buildouts related to GSM, CDMA, LTE, DAS, small-cell and microwave projects. 


With engineering and business management expertise in both public safety and commercial wireless operations, he has an equally strong foundation in business development, PMP program management and practical knowledge in the fields of radio-frequency engineering and optimization, engineering management, government and regulatory coordination, and site development.

We're strategists, aviators, surveyors, designers & engineers.

Serendipitously united by intellectual curiosity, professional reputation and an uncanny ability to creatively address challenges from surprising and useful perspectives, we offer far more than our collective 150 years of expertise in aviation, surveying, RF engineering, project management, and problem solving. We each bring a few decades' worth of tales from professional exploits in air, on land, and at sea. From regularly breaking the sound barrier at mach speed to laying the groundwork for one of the world's most significant cosmic discoveries, to humbly accepting the unsung hero's role in connecting every status-updating social media inclined sports fan tweeting, snap chatting, and Facebooking at live sports arenas around the United States.  


Our instinct is to innovate. 
We thrive on challenge. 

We're easy to work with.

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