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JOHN CAMPBELL entered the wireless industry as a consultant in 1998 with the responsibility of deploying cellular service infrastructure in a multi-state area within the eastern US market. For seventeen years, he has been involved in the expansion and upgrades of cellular and data services for many national clients. John provides negotiation services for a number of acquisition and leasing projects, including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for major facilities within the United States.

He has provided consulting services in the public safety sector and has conducted long-range planning for public communications system deployments. John speaks at universities, government agencies, and legislative committees on topics related to the wireless industry. He holds an established advisory role with several funding sources with assets in the wireless industry.

John brings a clear understanding of the technical and financial complexities of the current DAS market place. He assists clients in obtaining the maximum benefits from both the deployment of wireless service and the financial opportunity it represents.

John specializes in assisting communities, universities, hospitals, and major facility owners in defining their cellular communication needs. Ask John about a technical needs and financial opportunity analysis, RFP development and response review, WSP or NHP contract negotiations, technical design review, construction inspection, and final RF testing.


Chief Commercial Officer 

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